I have had a natural love and passion for crafting since I was a young girl. It has been a part of virtually every day of my life. I have spent my adult years in the corporate world, but have come to a point in my life that I have chosen to leave that world behind and pursue my passion. 

I truly love coming up with new ideas and creating them in new, unconventional ways resulting in an amazing piece of work that people can enjoy. Using aged, naturally distressed wood gives our decor a unique, warm, curl up by the fireplace feel. That is a feeling you just can’t get from new lumber yard material. By using reclaimed wood, it also saves space in our landfills and lowers the impact on our forests.  I am excited each time a friend, family member or customer comes to me with an idea and says, "Run with it, Lacey". I would like each of my new customers to feel comfortable enough with me to say the same thing, and in the end wind up with the perfect piece of home decor that they wanted.


I developed the technique that I use for my custom portraits on reclaimed wood after a great deal of trial and error.  After perfecting the look, design and technique, I launched a shop on Etsy.com, selling not only my popular Pictures on Wood, but also many of the items that I love to create for people.  In an attempt to streamline the Pictures on Wood section, I decided to open a standalone online site focusing on the portraits themselves.  I thoroughly enjoy creating these beautiful custom portraits for my customers and get great satisfaction from the incredible feedback that I receive from them.