Stacey: 13 x 17 (2) Picture on Wood - Custom Photo on Reclaimed Wood - Unique Rustic and Distressed Portraits


A High Resolution image is required to be EMAILED to me at

The Custom Portraits (2) will be for a 13"x17" on reclaimed wood. 

This BellaRemi Photo Display is a unique way to show off your most cherished pictures. The photo is applied to sections of hand-selected reclaimed wood and sealed for protection.  The Custom Portraits will be 13" x 17". The actual size of your photo display might vary slightly according to the file you send. This Photo Display is a unique distressed image, and will show the various wood grain of each board according to its own characteristics.

Be sure to know, that unlike pictures on smooth wood blocks, these Photo Displays are on a more rustic wood and you can actually feel the wood grain on the picture.  

Each Photo Display is hand made from personally hand-selected reclaimed wood, slightly distressed, made to order and will vary slightly from the samples shown due to the unique characteristics of the wood itself. So, if you order two Photo Displays of the same image, each one will be unique in its own way.  

This rustic Photo Display is sure to be an eye catcher in your home or office.  They make a EXCELLENT gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduations, etc. 

A High Resolution image is required to be EMAILED to me at  300dpi or greater yields the best results, however I have done Photo Displays with images as low as 80dpi with great results.  If you have questions about a particular image you would like to use, or are unsure if the quality is suitable, you can email me your image and I will personally check it out for you.